Monster Fun is the hilarious comic for children of all ages!

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I have paid for a subscription, where's my comic?

Monster Fun is released every two months. Once subscribed you will be sent the next issue available and a new issue every two months thereafter until renewal. You can see which issue your subscription starts with when purchasing your subscription, and can sign up to receive the next issue until the day before its release. Digital subscribers will immediately get the current issue and subsequent issues after that. If you wish to purchase any issues released prior to your subscription, please visit the Monster Fun Shop to see available back issues.

What else can I read while I wait for my next issue?

If you haven’t already purchased the Monster Fun Halloween Spooktacular be sure to check that out for more exciting stories and comic book adventures with your favourite characters. Alternatively, there are a whole host of great comics to get your teeth into over in the Monster Fun web store.

Why is 'Rebellion' appearing on my bank statement not 'Monster Fun'?

Rebellion are the publisher's of Monster Fun, so all payments go to the parent company.

When will I get my next issue of Monster Fun?

New issues of Monster Fun are out every two months.

I have a print subscription, when will I get my pen and stickers?

Your exclusive free gifts will be on their way to you and will arrive before you receive your second issue.

I have a digital subscription, do I get the subscriber only pen and stickers?

The pen and stickers are just for print subscription customers, so will not be received with a digital subscription.

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